How healthy do you want to be?

It is amazing how willing the body is to heal itself given the right tools. In our ignorance, we create all kinds of problems. Through awareness we can recreate our health.

Forty years ago as a pharmacist in Holland, I had to identify plants, know their healing properties and how to make extractions for pills, powders, potions and creams to suit the individual. Suddenly big changes took place. The pharmaceutical age dawned on us. When this system of treating only symptoms and diseases failed me badly, I looked for a holistic approach. This saw the end of my career as a Pharmacist.

In 1985, we moved with our four children to New Zealand to start a completely different life. For the first twelve years, I combined motherhood with nannying. In addition I studied Reiki, Therapeutic Massage, Bach Flower Remedies, Homeobotanical Therapy, The Bowen Technique, and Auric Magnetic Healing. I also attended two world conferences about complementary health, in particular Urine Therapy.

I have learned some essential truths;

• We are the end product of what we eat, think and do.
• It doesn’t matter what happens to you, it is how you deal with it.
• The body is able to heal itself.

It worked for me and now I am willing to help you.