Using natural remedies specifically designed to directly stimulate the body’s own immune system while helping to drain accumulated chemicals and toxins out of the vital organs and body systems.

Homeobotanical remedies have been proven as an effective and inexpensive way to better health. Developed in
New Zealand by Dr. Brian Murray over twenty years ago from time honoured herbal medicine concepts, the remedies deliver extraordinary healing power for every practitioner and patient.

Based on over forty specially prepared herbal concentrates made to exacting standards. Each concentrate is designed to target an organ or system of the body.  The concentrates can be mixed and matched in an infinite variety of ways to provide a perfectly balanced treatment.

The remedies are blended depending on the needs of the individual and are then potentised, and supplied in a convenient dropper bottle.

• Suitable for all ages
• Individually prepared for specific health care
• Non-toxic, gentle and naturally sweet
• Convenient, reliable, loved by children
• A few drops each day is all that is needed
• Great for the whole family, including pets
• Low cost, high performance health care
• Combines effectively with other therapies and orthodox medicine.