Johanna Lettink is a highly qualified, registered, NZ Chartered Health Practitioner, with a background in Pharmacy.


30 October 2018, last practice at The Herbal Dispensary clinic.

My home clinic in Oxford will be running as usual.

After more then 15 years , its time for a change, no more travelling for work to Chch.

This year its 20 years ago I had my first training of the Bowen Therapy. This gentle realignment modality changed many peoples lives.

Shoulders, backs, knees and many other parts started to function well again.

With all the ongoing study , the desire grew to offer this treatment for free in a poor undeveloped country..

In August 2018, i found myself in Uganda, a real poor country, working in a small hospital three days a week and working from Amina, Christian Mission House, Palissa.

After a  successful Bowen session with a lady form a village,( one hour away from any medical help,).. the request came to go to that village of 500 people and treat the people.They had no transport and had to hire a bodaboda ( motorbike ) to get me there.

It was a very rewarding humbling experience and i was so happy that i could make a difference. After a session, when pain was gone, they would do a dance and sing, I'm well again, I'm well again.

Many shoulders, backs, knees, female problems, oedema problems disappeared.

A secondhand motorbike was donated to help those people with transport to a medical center or hospital.

It is my sincere wish to give talks and raise money for those people to have a bore with clean water and I would like to raise funds for one of the Mission children to be able to study.

Getting interested to know more or experience this wonderful modality feel free to contact me

In this fast-paced world of spiralling medical costs, hospital waiting lists and difficult to treat illnesses, it is good to know, there are some practical solutions. Johanna specialises in creating awareness for people concerning their individual health problems and offering natural inexpensive solutions.

Bowtech Therapy
The Bowen Technique is extremely gentle, non invasive body work and is considered appropriate for anyone from pregnant women to newborn babies, the frail and the elderly. It can assist recovery from many conditions, from traumatic injury to chronic illness. Basically, it can address any problem anywhere in the body of anyone.

Bach Flowers Therapy

An effective way to reduce stress levels by balancing emotions.

Homeobotanical Therapy
Homeobotanical therapy maintains the BEST of two worlds. You get the precision of Homeopathy with the power of Herbal Medicine in one package.

Auric/Magnetic Healing
Using high vibration energy through the practitioner's hands to facilitate healing of the Auric field and physical body.

Uropathy/Urine Therapy
One of the oldest forms of therapy that one day might save your life. Effective, always available, tailor-made, and without side-effects.