In this fast-paced world of spiralling medical costs, hospital waiting lists and difficult to treat illnesses, it is good to know, there are some practical solutions. Johanna specialises in creating awareness for people concerning their individual health problems and offering natural inexpensive solutions.

Bowtech Therapy
The Bowen Technique is extremely gentle, non invasive body work and is considered appropriate for anyone from pregnant women to newborn babies, the frail and the elderly. It can assist recovery from many conditions, from traumatic injury to chronic illness. Basically, it can address any problem anywhere in the body of anyone.

Bach Flowers Therapy

An effective way to reduce stress levels by balancing emotions.

Homeobotanical Therapy
Homeobotanical therapy maintains the BEST of two worlds. You get the precision of Homeopathy with the power of Herbal Medicine in one package.

Auric/Magnetic Healing
Using high vibration energy through the practitioner's hands to facilitate healing of the Auric field and physical body.

Uropathy/Urine Therapy
One of the oldest forms of therapy that one day might save your life. Effective, always available, tailor-made, and without side-effects.