My experience with Bowen Therapy has been an amazing journey, one I have no regrets about.
I first ruptured my disc in 2007 and spend 14 days lying down unable to walk, sit or do anything useful,  Read More...

Both of us have seen Johanna… to relieve chronic pain. We have found this treatment extremely successful and would definitely recommend it.
Ann & Colin F.

I have tried for years to get my blood pressure down… After four treatments with Johanna, it now reads 144/84. For three years I have had no taste or smell, I am now able to taste most things and appreciate the smell of my roses.
Jan C.

After 5 years of having constant pain in my right hand/lower arm, the pain has totally disappeared. I no longer experience numbness/tingling in my hands and feet. They are now warm and I fee freer and lighter.

Johanna’s Bowen Therapy helped me greatly after tibia fracture...allowed me to stretch and take weight on leg. Bowen therapy had an instant effect.

After 2 sessions, I have noticed a huge difference in my back. It no longer wakes me up through-out the night. Bowen Therapy is gentle and relaxing whilst it is being done. I am pleased that I gave Bowen therapy a try, because it really helped me.

My experience with Bowen. As a person who doesn,t like to be touched, Bowen provides a gentle non-evasive form of help for a wide variety of problems. Read More...